Thursday, December 18, 2008

the mitten factory's interweb debut

so now that I've got pictures on the internet, it means I actually exist, right? and so do the mittens...handmade from recycled wool and leather, adorned at the wrist with buttons hand covered in recycled (mostly) fabrics. each pair is one of a kind, and color availability varies - pleases inquire!

perfect for driving, making snowballs, clapping, holding cups? keeps the wrist warm, looks darn good doing it. lambswool, angora blends, merino wool, and cashmere, felted just enough. the stripes shown here are lambswool, with chocolate brown leather palms, and orange grosgrain buttons.

these are cashmere, with purple (that's right, purple!) leather palms, and lilac grosgrain buttons. unfortunately both were sold just after these photos were taken!

a few more buttons...corduroy floral, herringbone velvet (also available in pink) and brown and white floral cotton (my current favorite).